Missing E3 Surprise Mechanics - Episode 33

We got to see a lot of games at this year’s E3 but there were a bunch of games that notable absent from the festivities. Ashley and Ciaran look over those games and discuss why they weren’t there and when we will see them next.

Also on the show:

  • EA comes up with a creative defense for lootboxes

  • Pokemon Sword and Shield will be incomplete for many

  • Ciaran gives his thought’s on E3 and accepts his poor predictions performance

Sony & Microsoft In Bed - Episode 29

It's raining cats and dogs and Sony and Microsoft are working together on cloud technology for the future. What's this mean for the upcoming next-generation of consoles and for the future of cloud-based gaming, including Google’s Stadia? Dylan, Ashley and a freshly re-born Ciaran discuss.

Episode 22 - The Truth Behind Anthem

Jason Schreier's BioWare piece and behind the scenes story of Anthem's development sparks a lot of questions, but so does Bioware's attitude in response to the question. Dylan, Ashley and Cherie discuss the article and the response from Bioware towards journalists and particularly, Schreier.

Episode 21 - Apple Arcade

Apple has announced its video game streaming service titled 'Apple Arcade.' The service will apparently bring 100+ games with a bunch of exclusives to iOS devices. Dylan discusses the news with Cherie and Ashley, two Android users, before bringing in Apple expert, Simon Blackburn of the Apple Slice podcast to break down the finer details of the show.