All in 2018

Episode 09 - 2018: The Year That Was

What were some of the biggest news stories of the year? Particularly, what were some of the biggest controversies in gaming? Using the list from WatchMojo Dylan goes over some of these stories with Ashley, Cherie and Ciaran before wrapping up a look back on 2018 by asking everyone what their 2018 gaming love was.

Episode 08 - The Australian Game Awards

The Australian Game awards aired this past week around a lot of criticism and after their initial thoughts on the show, Dylan and Ashley go over the final show and its winners. Is the show receiving just criticism, or are people just being negative and should cut it some slack?

Episode 07 - Epic Game Takeover

The Epic Game Store had a huge push at The Game Awards and with several publishers and developers now choosing to pull their games from Steam in favour of the Epic Store, it's time to wonder if 2019 could see a big shift in the PC gaming store-front.

Episode 04 - The All-Digital Future

Microsoft is reportedly working on two new Xbox One models to release in 2019 and one of them would contain no disc-drive. With this news to kick off the discussion, Dylan, Ashley, Ciaran and Nick discuss the all-digital future; what it looks like and when it may be here.

Episode 02 - A Strong Blizzard

Blizzard has received massive backlash to announcing Diablo: Immortal, a mobile Diablo game at Blizzcon this past week. Dylan, Ash & Ciaran discuss the outrage that has ensued and what that represents for gaming culture

Episode 01 - PAX 2018

Live from the PAX AUS show floor, it's the premiere of Arcade Couch with Dylan, Ashley, Cherie and Ciaran to discuss all the games they've played, news that's broken and their overall thoughts on the event this year.