Episode 17 - The Galar Region

Episode 17 - The Galar Region

Episode 17 - The Galar Region.png

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00:10 - Welcome
00:47 - On The Show This Week...
01:25 - THQ Does An AMA On 8Chan
17:15 - Overkill’s The Walking Dead Is Cancelled
23:05 - Wargroove Impressions (Ash)
25:05 - Anthem Impressions (Dylan)
29:15 - Yoshi's Crafted World Demo Thoughts (Dylan)
31:40 - Ape Out Review (Dylan)
37:00 - Cherie Joins The Couch
37:30 - Detective Pikachu Trailer Thoughts
46:40 - Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield Reveal Impressions
58:15 - Gen 8 Starter Thoughts
01:05:15 - Overall Thoughts On The Pokemon Direct
01:10:55 - Pokemon Generation 8 Needs To Be Accessible
01:20:30 - Wrap-Up

Brand new Pokemon games are on their way in the form of Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield. Both were announced in a Pokemon Direct from Nintendo early Thursday morning and Dylan, Ashley and Cherie break down the new games and starter Pokemon.

Also on the show

  • Ape Out Review

  • Detective Pikachu Trailer

  • THQ Nordic Loses Their Minds

  • Overkill’s Walking Dead Cancelled

  • Anthem & Wargroove Impressions

  • Yoshi's Crafted World Demo

Dylan Blight: https://twitter.com/vivaladil
Ashley Hobley: https://twitter.com/ashleyhobley
Cherie Henriques: https://twitter.com/Cheriacorno

THQ Nordic facing serious backlash after 8chan AMA - GameDaily.biz
Overkill’s The Walking Dead Canceled For PS4, Xbox One, PC Version Support To Be Discontinued - IGN
Pokemon Detective Pikachu (Trailer 2) Review - Explosion Network
Pokemon Generation 8 Revealed As “Pokemon Sword” & “Pokemon Shield” - Explosion Network

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Dylan Blight

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