Next-Gen Preparation - Episode 24

Next-Gen Preparation - Episode 24

Episode 24 - Next-Gen Preperation.png

The console that will most likely be known as the PlayStation 5 has been announced (kinda), but what does this mean for Microsoft who was expected to make the first move into next-gen? Dylan and Ashley discuss this and their general reactions to the PlayStation news.

Also on this episode

  • Game Informer Australia Shuts Down

  • Xbox Announces The All-Digital Console

  • Katana ZERO Review (Read the full review)

  • Cuphead Switch Review

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Ashley Hobley:


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Episode Timecodes

00:10 - Hello & On The Show This Week
02:10 - The Witcher TV Series Arriving Later This Year
06:45 - Xbox Announces The All-Digital Xbox One
13:30 - Xbox Announces Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
17:20 - Game Informer Australia Is Shutting Down
28:50 - Gamescom Is Holding A Live Event
34:35 - Katana ZERO Review & Australian Ban
44:45 - Cuphead Switch
49:45 - PlayStation 5 (kina) Announced, What Does This Mean For Xbox?
57:20 - What Forced This News?
01:05:00 - Wrap-Up
01:06:04 - Ad-Read

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