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Who Is The Nintendo Switch Lite's Audience? - Episode 37

The Nintendo Switch Lite's announcement had the internet split. Some thought it was ridiculous, and others didn't care — there didn't seem to be a middle. But Dylan, Cherie and Ashley discuss WHO exactly they think the target audience for the Switch Lite could be. Is it kids? 3DS owners? Switch owners? All of the above? Feel free to let us know what you think.

WTF Is An Auto Chess - Episode 34

You may have seen the words 'Auto Chess' or 'Auto Battler' around lately and for good reasons, they're taking over Twitch, and soon, the world! Well, maybe not the latter, but this new genre is certainly taking over Twitch, but WTF is it? Dylan and Ash explain and discuss.

Episode 21 - Apple Arcade

Apple has announced its video game streaming service titled 'Apple Arcade.' The service will apparently bring 100+ games with a bunch of exclusives to iOS devices. Dylan discusses the news with Cherie and Ashley, two Android users, before bringing in Apple expert, Simon Blackburn of the Apple Slice podcast to break down the finer details of the show.

Episode 12 - Destiny Leaves Orbit

Bungie has certainly found a wizard on their moon and with it decided to jump ship from Activision. Is this good news for Destiny fans in the long run? And how will Activision do with one-less big tent-pole franchise under their umbrella?