The Status of the Twitch Celebrity - Episode 48

The Status of the Twitch Celebrity - Episode 48

As Twitchcon was on last week Dylan began thinking about the growing popularity of the Content Creator and Twitch Celebrity and the relationship they have with their fanbase. He discusses with Ash and Ciaran what they think of that relationship and also discusses what they think the next-gen of consoles will need to do to keep up with the streaming future.

Also on the show:

  • Jedi: Fallen Order's Latest Trailer

  • Oculus Quest New Features

  • Troy Baker Drama with Gearbox

  • Sherlock Holmes Developer Frogware Speaks Out Against Focus Home Interactive

Dylan Blight:
Ashley Hobley:
Ciaran Marchant:



'I Waited In Line For Two Hours To Have Pizza With Pokimane' 
'Logitech Acquires Streamlabs For At Least $89m'
'Why Did Borderlands 3 Re-Cast Troy Baker's Role?'
'Sherlock Holmes Developers Accuse Publisher of Delisting Their Games, Not Returning Code'
VR Focus 
'Hands-On With Oculus Link: Is This The End For Oculus Rift?'
'Oculus Quest's Hand Tracking Could Be Its New Killer Feature' 
'Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond Official Announcement Trailer' 
'Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - Cal's Mission Trailer'

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Dylan Blight
Art by: Cherie Henriques

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Episode Timecodes

00:08 - Hello
01:00 - On The Show This Week
01:25 - Housekeeping: PAX 2019
09:25 - Oculus Link Cable Coming 2020
16:40 - Hand-Tracking Coming To Quest
23:25 - Medal of Honour: Above and Beyond Announced
29:15 - Sherlock Holmes Developer Frogware Accuses Focus Home Interactive of Bad Company Policy
38:25 - Troy Baker Drama With Gearbox Continues
48:30 - Logitech Acquires Streamlabs
52:30 - Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, New Trailer
59:50 - Untitled Goose Game Review
01:08:45 - Grindstone Review
01:12:55 - Twitchcon & Pokimaine's Pizza Party
01:24:30 - Should People Use Their Real Names More?
01:29:00 - The Dangers of Content Creator Fan Bases
01:39:00 - What Do The Next-Gen Consoles Need To Do To Improve Streaming?
01:47:05 - Wrap-Up

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