All in 2019

Episode 22 - The Truth Behind Anthem

Jason Schreier's BioWare piece and behind the scenes story of Anthem's development sparks a lot of questions, but so does Bioware's attitude in response to the question. Dylan, Ashley and Cherie discuss the article and the response from Bioware towards journalists and particularly, Schreier.

Episode 21 - Apple Arcade

Apple has announced its video game streaming service titled 'Apple Arcade.' The service will apparently bring 100+ games with a bunch of exclusives to iOS devices. Dylan discusses the news with Cherie and Ashley, two Android users, before bringing in Apple expert, Simon Blackburn of the Apple Slice podcast to break down the finer details of the show.

Episode 17 - The Galar Region

Brand new Pokemon games are on their way in the form of Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield. Both were announced in a Pokemon Direct from Nintendo early Thursday morning and Dylan, Ashley and Cherie break down the new games and starter Pokemon.

Episode 16 - What Game Is Nintendo Resurrecting?

Prior to last week’s Nintendo Direct, Game Informer senior editor Imran Khan said that there is a “game that’s thought to be dead that Nintendo’s reviving”. Ashley, Ciaran and Nick speculate what that game could be and whether reviving a cancelled game is a good move for Nintendo at all.

Episode 13 - Acknowledgement and Transparency In Game

Nintendo offered fans of the upcoming Metroid 4 Prime a straight-cut piece of news via a video this week where they announced that the game will be restarted at Retro Studios. This, of course, pleased many as they are the studio behind the original Prime Trilogy. But should everyone react so fast to a simple developer name? Shouldn't people check more often the same people behind the company name are working in these teams? And also, is this transparency good for the industry?

Episode 12 - Destiny Leaves Orbit

Bungie has certainly found a wizard on their moon and with it decided to jump ship from Activision. Is this good news for Destiny fans in the long run? And how will Activision do with one-less big tent-pole franchise under their umbrella?

Episode 10 - Checking Out 2019

It’s time to get prepared for the year that is 2019. Dylan, Ashley, Ciaran and Cherie dive into a list of upcoming games in 2019 and go over which ones they're most excited about including everything from hardcore shooters, too cute and fun indie titles.