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The Firestarter (Bevan Beats #21) by Dylan Blight

This playlist started with ‘Firestarter’ by The Prodigy because I wanted to give Keith Flint a moment of respect on my first playlist for the year, and then I built around that. I could have built a best of The Prodigy playlist but decided to go for more of an general electronic playlist and try and use more recent stuff I’ve been listening to, to build around the classic Prodigy song.

Bevan Beats #19 - Anime Antics

I have my moments of pure passion for Anime. Days or weeks where I will binge watch as much of a series as I can before i fall off and return to my Competitive Video Games, but I know that eventually I will return to watch more and catch up on my favourite shows. I recently started watching Rooster Teeth’s new star studded anime series, Gen:Lock. I was unsure about this show going in and even during the first episode I was on the fence until I heard the theme music, the moment the music began it had already pulled me in.

Bevan Beats #17 by Nicholas Prior

Well if you know me,  you know I like to do things differently. So for my Bevan Beats playlists will have a mystery theme and the theme will be revealed a fortnight from the publish date. For every correct answer to what the mystery theme is that is Direct Messaged to our Twitter, I will donate $5 to a charity associated to the theme. (Capped at $100)

Songs from Movies, TV & Musicals (Bevan Beats #10) by Ashley Hobley

As the host of the Explosion Network’s Premier Media Podcast, What Do You Wanna Watch?, it seems right that I compile a playlist of some songs from Film and TV with a few from musicals that will inevitably end up being made for the silver screen. Honestly, I just wanted to do this before somebody else thought of it. (There a bunch of other songs I wanted to include but they are not on Spotify)

Bevan Beats #3 by Dylan Blight

Although I don’t think my first entry into the Bevan Beats tracklists particularly represent me in any way -- as it’s just songs I’m digging at the moment curated into a particular order -- it does represent what my Spotify plays predominantly at the moment :D

Bevan Beats #2 by Ashley Hobley

Anyone who has been lucky (or unlucky) to see me in real life will have likely seen me with headphones in, listening to something. I don't deal with silence well so I'm almost always have some music playing. This playlist is a mixture of songs I really like and stuff I've been listening to recently.