The Firestarter (Bevan Beats #21) by Dylan Blight

The Firestarter (Bevan Beats #21) by Dylan Blight

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(Bevan Beats #21) by Dylan Blight

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Welcome to Bevan Beats! This is a fortnightly article and accompanying playlist from us at the Explosion Network. It aims to enable us the ability to share the music we love, discuss a certain theme, or share what we are simply listening to in our everyday lives. You'll be able to find the playlist on Spotify.

This playlist started with “Firestarter” by The Prodigy because I wanted to give Keith Flint a moment of respect on my first playlist for the year, and then I built around that. I could have built a best of The Prodigy playlist but decided to go for more of an general electronic playlist and try and use more recent stuff I’ve been listening to, to build around the classic Prodigy song.

Hope this playlist is something you play loud and get your dance on too.

1.) Sicko Mode (Skrillex Remix) - Travis Scott, Skrillex

“Sicko Mode” is a good song and I like it just fine, although I wouldn’t go as far as to compare it to Bohemian Rhapsody that’s for sure. The “Sicko Mode” Skrillex remix isn’t as dramatic as it might sound either. It has the drop, sure, but it’s really a nice mix that takes the original song and makes it a little harder and more dance-worthy.

2.) I Do Coke - Kill The Noise, Feed Me

This song appears a lot on my electronic playlists which is often what I’m listening to while writing, or editing something I want to concentrate on. I DON’T do coke, but I think I feel the energy feeding into me from this song either way.


3.) No Good (Start The Dance) - The Prodigy

Since this playlist was basically built around wanting to use “Firestarter” I decided to allow myself two of The Prodigy’s songs and this one is just a rave starter, very 90’s feeling and I love it. Just dance.

4.) Game Time - 3LAU, Ninja

I remember reading late 2018 that the biggest streamer in the world was going to get involved in an electronic album and I laughed a little. But this is it.“Game Time” is the first track on Ninjawerks Vol. 1 which contains several prominent electronic artists, but it’s the signature track from the album that I’ve been digging. It’s simple, but it works great for what it’s supposed to be doing: getting you amped for your game of Fortnite, kids.


5.) Kaolo, PT 4 - Yellow Claw

The Netherlands duo that make up Yellow Claw released their latest EP, Danger Days early in March and, although short, it has been on heavy rotation the last couple weeks. “Kaolo, PT 4” is one of the more straight-up club heavy tracks on the EP and it’s better the louder you play it.

6.) Halfway There - Tiesto, Dzeko, Lena Leon

Firstly, yes I did stick this as track six because of the song title, now moving on… “Halfway There” is a club track that has a formulaic verse but an uplifting message delivered by Lena Leon amongst a banger. It’s not one the most unique Tiesto tracks, but the DJ/Producer just dropped this recently and it’s great.


7.) Here With Me - Marshmello, CHVRCHES

Not the team up I expected, but a welcome one either way. Lauren Mayberry’s amazing vocals delivering a simple love song with Marshmello delivering just the right amount of dance to this track makes it come together really well and make the best use of Mayberry.

8.) Face My Fears (English Version) - Hikaru Utada, Skrillex

I remember when they announced that Utada would be doing the opening and closing songs for Kingdom Hearts 3 I was super excited, but then cautious as that news followed with Skrillex being involved. It’s not that I had a problem with Skrillex, it’s just that I couldn’t see how these two could work together on a track for the Kingdom Hearts franchise. When I first heard the song in a trailer, I liked it, but once I felt its power in the opening video for Kingdom Hearts 3 I was hooked. I’d say this is my most listened to song of the year so far.


9.) The World Revolving - NRMN, Blood Code, GameChops

Oh how I love all the Underdale remixes that exist and when Deltarune came out and once again featured some fantastic music, one of my first thoughts was ‘when are the remixes coming’ and luckily for me, GameChops as usual delivered this one to my Spotify playlist.

10.) GOH - What So Not, Skrillex, KLP

Australia’s KLP sings on this electric track from What So Not and Skrillex and oh-my-god it’s amazing. KLP’s vocals work is amazing on this track and although it may be a little older now, it’s still a great collaboration I’d love to hear more from.  

11.) Moon Love - Boombox Cartel, Nessly

Would you like to make love on the moon? This song describes exactly how that would work and then at 1:25 drops in an amazing coordinated dance with the aliens living on the moon.

12.) Firestarter - The Prodigy

The reason this playlist exists is because of this track and wanting to give the firestarter himself, Keith Flint, respect. Do yourself a favour and make sure you watch the video for Firestarter.

RIP Keith

You can follow Dylan on  Twitter @vivaladil

You can follow Dylan on Twitter @vivaladil

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