What is "The Mandalorian"?

What is "The Mandalorian"?

What is “The Mandalorian”?

As production began on Jon Favreau’s new Star Wars series for Disney Play, details about the project were finally revealed. Favreau released a post on Instagram revealing the name and first synopsis of the series, The Madalorian.

Not long after, a list of the director’s involved in the project hit the internet revealing Rick Famuyiwa (Dope), Deborah Chow (Jessica Jones, Better Call Saul), Bryce Dallas Howard and Taika Waititi (Thor: Ragnarok) were part of the project with Dave Filoni, a major creative force behind Star Wars Rebels and The Clone Wars. A photo of the titular character was also released.

Ashley, Dylan and Nick gave their thoughts on the project on the latest What Do You Wanna Watch? and theorise how it could fit into the Star Wars cannon.

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Ashley: Apparently they are filming at the moment. It is in production.

Dylan: They're filming and the filming started when they announced it.

Ashley: And the craziest thing is we don't know who the Mandalorian is.

Dylan: Nope, we don't know anything about the cast. We just got directors, one photo and that's it.

Ashley: Okay, first question, is he going to be in a suit the whole entire time? Are we never going to see his face?

Dylan: No. He'll get out of the suit all the time.

Ashley: Okay, second question. Dylan, what do you think?

Dylan: I'm not too fussed at the moment because I don't like the name. I think it's a pretty boring name. “The Mandalorian”. Okay…

Nick: Will he be an actual Mandalorian? He or she?

Dylan: I think it's possible that it's a real Mandalorian. Well, the rumor at the moment is that Pedro Pascal is the person playing it.

Ashley: Of Game of Thrones and Narcos

Dylan: So if they're calling it The Mandalorian, it has to be a real Mandalorian or everyone will just make fun of them because that wouldn't make any sense. We now know what the Mandalorians were doing, thanks to {Star Wars}Rebels, throughout that era, the original trilogy era. They were pushed under the rule of the Empire and pretty much were fighting with the Empire. Then they have the whole thing on Rebels where they fight for the planet and all sorts things but there are obviously Mandalorians that could could be the real Mandalorian. However, I still think it is a stupid name, just calling it The Mandalorian. That doesn't really say much. I think the Jon Favreau synopsis is kind of bland. A lone gunman - blah blah blah. Okay cool. And that's all we got. Sure. The photo's cool. It is someone in cool armor, but here's the thing. The only reason people like Boba Fett is because the armor in general is cool. That's my thing on it. So this character looks as cool as Boba Fett does because in general Mandalorian armor just looks cool. It's designed fucking cool. It looks cool. Put that armor on anyone, it looks cool.

Ashley: If there's one thing those Mandalorians know how to do, it’s to look cool.

Dylan: It's how to look fucking cool. Yeah that's right. So I need to know more about the story, I need to know you know what exactly the bigger premise is outside a lone gunman. Is it an antihero? Is it legit bad guy? Is it a good guy? I don't know where the bar is I suppose. So at the moment my excitement level is “It's Star Wars”, so yes I'll watch it either way but it's not above that. It's just “It's Star Wars”, I'm interested.

Ashley: What about you Nick? How are you feeling about this?

Nick: I'm about the same. I'm going to watch it but I'm not jizzing in my pants over it.

Dylan: I feel like I said that more eloquently

Nick: I like to talk real talk, speak to the people.


Ahley: I'm intrigued, that cast of directors is impressive to say the least. Has Dave Filoni done any live action, do you know?

Dylan: Not that I'm aware of, no. However, I think he's proven his chops. It's like, you can keep these people that are really doing well in the animation department and you can be like “well, you're only animation directors” and stick them there for their entire life but at some point you do have to go “Well here's your chance. Prove us right.”

Ashley: Like Brad Bird with Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Dylan: Yeah

Ashley: But not Tomorrowland

Dylan: Yeah. But if there was anyone in that Lucasfilm family who deserved a shot at a live action Star Wars thing, it was Dave Filoni. And apparently, this isn't confirmed, they did have another leak or rumour about who is doing what episode. And apparently he is rumored to be doing the first and the finale or something like that. No, the semi-finale and Taika is doing finale, so he's doing two which is more than anyone else.

Ashley: I think a couple of them are doing two.

Nick: Have they said how many episodes is it?

Ashley: Eight, eight episodes this season. I'm intrigued. From that list, I wonder if it's going to be like a bunch of standalone episodes, like there's not going to be a running through plot possibly. Like any anthology, each director gets to do their own thing.

Nick: I don't think they'd be that adventurous for the first live action Star Wars TV show.

Dylan: They want people to subscribe to this over and-or-with Netflix.

Ashley: It's just a bunch of 1 hour movies and they're throwing money at this. It's going to be more expensive than Game of Thrones.

Dylan: That's why it's only eight episodes.

Ashley: Disney's got enough money that they could do like a bunch of episodes.

Nick: They’ve got “fuck you” money.

Dylan: What's most interesting about the director's list obviously is there is only one TV director in there. By that I mean it's a bunch of movie directors, Bryce Dallas Howard ,who is a newbie to it, and then you've got Dave Filoni, who’s a newbie to this particular type of film making I guess. Then you got one TV director. Most TV shows, you look at the directors and it's people who do two episodes of this show, three episodes of that. They roll around TV shows season after season, one or two episodes every season throughout the TV filming schedule but for some reason on this they're just like we'll have one of those people which is the girl, I can't remember her name.

Ashley: Deborah Chow

Dylan: She's directed Jessica Jones, Better Call Saul and all that sort of stuff. She's the only one on that list who has a TV director.


Ashley: So there's an Interesting theory that I heard chucked around. I believe Jon Favreau voices a Mandalorian in The Clone Wars, is that correct?

Dylan: I don't remember that, but sure

Nick: He voices a character in Solo.

Ashley: He does Pre Vizsla of the Death Watch, Leader of the Death Watch.

Dylan: I didn't know that was him or I forgot that was him.

Ashley: So I've heard that possibly the reason The Clone Wars is coming back is that it has some sort of ties, it could potentially have ties to The Mandolorian.

Nick: It wouldn't surprise me. Everything ties to everything

Dylan: Yeah, it will. Clone Wars is going to have Mandalorians in it. That is 100 percent going to be a thing so they could tie it in, that would make sense.

Ashley: So someone is going to be the Mandalorian's father! And mother!

Dylan: The Clone Wars season that's coming back is basically going to be the Mandalorians vs Darth Maul. Where we last left off, Darth Maul had his army, like the start of his criminal empire. He gets all these Mandalorians on his side and then it's going to be basically Ahsoka leading a fight with a bunch of clone troopers and a bunch of other Mandalorians to save the planet. We know how it ends because they told us years ago at Star Wars Celebration. When the show was cancelled, they released sketch drawing arts and basically did a panel just going over the synopsis for the story would have been.

Nick: Will they stick with that though?

Dylan: I mean they could change some stuff now but I mean the ending is basically going to be the same I feel. This was going to be the last season and they were going to tie it into Episode 3, so it all kind of works out full circle. So Anakin and Obi-Wan come down to help out, there like “We're going to come down and help stop Maul”. As they're about to come down, Anakin has his whole meet up with Ahsoka for the first time in ages. Really awkward. “Hey here's your light sabers being carrying them around for you”. Right then, they get a call that The Emperor has been kidnapped by Count Dooku, he's on his ship, you need to come help him which is obviously where Episode 3 starts. They would run off to go help him and then Ahsoka stays there to finish the job off with Maul which was cool idea. That's why I'm looking forward to it if they do it like that still.

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