Operation Burnt Sunrise?!? - Early Late Nights 06/03/2019

Rainbow 6 Siege does it once again with a fantastic release of their latest Operation, Burnt Horizon and Ciaran goes ahead and makes a complete mess of it on this weeks Episode. Starcraft 2 break the Kong line with the winner of ESL One Katowice’s Champion and Mars finally makes his Dota 2 debut. As always the show ends with all the Latest Overwatch League Season 2 news and results.

The Apex of Esports - Early Late Nights 13/02/2019

Ciaran returns with a revitalised Early Late Nights, now coming to you every Wednesday at 7pm. With the new time slot Ciaran breaks down the new opportunities for Early Late Nights and Esports with the Explosion Network. Apex Legends has stormed into the Battle Royale scene, Can Respawn’s free to play Battle Royale break ground in Esports better than any Battle Royale before?

Wake me up when 2019 Begins! - Early Late Nights 18/12/2018

With the Final episode of Early Late Night Ciaran decides to adventure through his top 5 favourite moments of 2018. Reliving each moment and discussing exactly what each one means to the world of Esports. Blizzard made a decision this week to withdraw support from the professional scene of Heroes of the Storm, what impact will this have on the scene and its players?

A Whole New World (Championship) - Early Late Nights 02/11/2018

On the ever of a World defining weekend, Ciaran previews the upcoming League of Legends Grand Finals between Fnatic & IG Gaming. Along with the League World Finals there is also the Overwatch World Cup taking place across the weekend (PSA: Ciaran reported that the World Cup begins on Sunday morning for Australia… he was wrong… it start Saturday morning… oops).

Just Carry it - Early Late Nights 24/10/2018

The Explosion Network gang is making their way to Pax Aus 2018, but before then Ciaran brings you a preview of the event and the Rainbow Six Siege Masters that will be taking place on the show floor. Not watched Siege before? Well, that's okay cause Ciaran has you covered for this weeks esports for dummies. Also on this episode, the first Esports Nike deal and a top tier Coach's advice for underdog teams.