Operation Burnt Sunrise?!? - Early Late Nights 06/03/2019

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Operation Burnt Sunrise?!?

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AIR DATE: 06/03/2019

Rainbow 6 Siege does it once again with a fantastic release of their latest Operation, Burnt Horizon and Ciaran goes ahead and makes a complete mess of it on this weeks Episode. Starcraft 2 break the Kong line with the winner of ESL One Katowice’s Champion and Mars finally makes his Dota 2 debut. As always the show ends with all the Latest Overwatch League Season 2 news and results.


Topic 1 : The Journey to Esl One Starcraft 2 Champion

Topic 2: Mars begins his Defence of the Ancients
Topic 3: Overwatch League News and Results.

Host & Writer: Ciaran Marchanthttps://twitter.com/YaboyRingo
Music & Production by Dylan Blight: https://twitter.com/vivaladil

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