The Explosion Network will plainly and honestly disclose any sponsored content, segments or videos.

The Network will not accept gifts of any kind with any commitment to provide favourable reviews or comments regarding a product, or to feature a product more heavily in Network content.  

Companies may provide the Network with copies of their product to allow more fluent and informed discussions, or for honest review and video streaming purposes. The Network does not accept any product under the condition that a review must be provided or discussed to any specific degree.


The Explosion Network’s reviews utilise a 20 point scale. Although the audience is implored to pay more attention to the written word than the final number, the 20 point scale represents the following descriptions:  

  • 0 - 2: Not worth your time at all. Honestly… just don’t.

  • 3- 5: It’s OK. Maybe with some polishing in some places this could even be decent.

  • 6 - 7: It’s above average and you should consider checking it out.

  • 8 - 9: Good or very good. You don’t wanna pass on anything with this score.

  • 10: It might not be perfect, but it is brilliant and should not be missed.

The Network reserves the right to update reviews when a video game receives an overhaul or patch, but the original review and score will be preserved in a footnote.


The Explosion Network strives to build a fun and accepting community, comparable to one of its inspiration, Kinda Funny. Following a few simple guidelines will help foster this community spirit:

  • Don’t be a dick: It’s not asking a lot and it covers a lot of ground. If you think you're upsetting someone, just stop. Bullying of any manner will not be tolerated.

  • Everyone is accepted: Regardless of age, gender, beliefs, race, or sexual orientation, everyone who follows the first guideline is welcome in the Network community.

The Network crew jokes around a lot, but it’s important to know the difference between one of us jokingly calling one of us a name as a joke and listeners repeating the same joke out of context on Twitter or in a Twitch chat. Just consider that context matters and people have feelings.

With that said, interaction and participation are a crucial element of the Explosion Network community and your opinions regarding content are always welcome. Please remember the golden rule: don’t be a dick.