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Call of Cthulhu Review

The works of H.P Lovecraft have seen something of a resurgence of late and not just inspiring games like Bloodborne, but more direct adaptations as well. Call of Cthulhu is a video game adaptation of the board game more than the book of the same name directly, but the Cthulhu mythos created by Lovecraft is everywhere.

Infliction Review

Often in the best horror stories, the real thing to be afraid of is someone close to the lead character, or even those you thought to be your friends. Infliction by Caustic Reality dives into some very dark themes as you begin to uncover the truth in a narrative full of twists and turns where the true enemy is revealed to be someone closer than you may have thought.

STONE Review

Stone, a koala, awakes with no recollection of his night prior, his keys are in the sink and his head hurts, but most importantly he has woken to a mysterious call telling him his life will never be the same -- his chookie and partner, Alex has been kidnapped.

Forza Horizon 4 Review

Forza Horizon 4 is a stunningly beautiful tour through the UK with a roster of cars that all control and sound unique with superb detail. The season’s system will keep Horizon 4 feels constantly new and exciting, like a living world that is now populated with real players. This is the racing game to pick up in 2018 and one of the best games of the year.

Megaquarium Review

Megaquarium is a tycoon game that sets you the task of running a successful aquarium with nearly 100 aqua life forms to fill your attraction with, however, while the game succeeds with the fishy stuff, it fails to feel like running a true aquarium.

Destination Primus Vita Episode One: Austin Review

2353, Earth: aliens dubbed ‘Shatters’ have invaded. These huge golem size creatures are made up of several different body parts that somehow float together; they don’t destroy humanity or choose to rule over the human race though, instead choosing to steal all Earth’s water and leave, returning to their own planet, Primus Vita.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season - Episode One 'Done Running' Review

Two seasons, two spin-offs and six years later and it’s time for Telltale to finally wrap up their time with Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead world (until they decide not too) and also give us an ending to Clementine's story who players grew attached to years ago as a little girl facing the trial and tribulations of growing up fast in the face of the world's end.

Solo Review

Solo (not related to Star Wars) is 50% psychological journey and 50% box puzzler. If answering questions about your love life truthly sounds like a terrible idea, Solo might not be for you, however, there is a competent puzzle game here as well.

Rumu Review

Rumu is the story of a robot vacuum cleaner and its journey of discovery in its own home. You will probably fall in love with Rumu, it’s hard not too with all the bleeps and bloops it makes while explaining it loves this and it loves that -- adorable. But underneath the cute aesthetic and fantastically designed art, and structure of this A.I charged house, lies a darker tale, and several puzzles to make you pull your hair. 

Ruiner Review (PC)

Devolver Digital is really good at publishing great games that just so happen to feature protagonists wearing masks, and Ruiner, from Reikon Games, joins that list. 

Oxenfree (PC)

Night School Studio is a new developer made up of ex- Telltale and Disney employees and the past work-experience is strong in their first game, Oxenfree.