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Call of Cthulhu Review

The works of H.P Lovecraft have seen something of a resurgence of late and not just inspiring games like Bloodborne, but more direct adaptations as well. Call of Cthulhu is a video game adaptation of the board game more than the book of the same name directly, but the Cthulhu mythos created by Lovecraft is everywhere.

Evasion Review

Evasion is designed for co-op play and fun afternoons blasting aliens in the face with a friend while listening to a heavy metal soundtrack and dropping smack talk on your fictional foes. Unfortunately, if you can’t find someone to play with, it’s a rather repetitive shooting gallery that has you wishing you knew someone to jump online with you.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission Review

As virtual reality continues to grow as a new medium, many are trying to do some really interesting games and experiences that could only be developed for VR. Astro Bot Rescue Mission isn’t inventing new genre’s, it is taking an old, classic video game genre and bringing into the VR world -- but to amazing effect.

The Gardens Between Review

Some things in life we don’t have control over, like time for example and as much as you may wish you could manipulate things and go back to relive moments of your childhood days spent with your best friend, you can't. In The Gardens Between, however, you’re given the ability to relieve memories of VHS players, late night gaming sessions on CRT TVs and adventures around town. You’re also given control of time, if only for a moment.

Donut County Review

I feel like a terrible person. In Ben Esposito's Donut County I destroyed people's homes, crushed the livelihood of residents, burnt down trees and sucked up everything in my path. I feel terrible, but I think that's the point. 

The Walking Dead: The Final Season - Episode One 'Done Running' Review

Two seasons, two spin-offs and six years later and it’s time for Telltale to finally wrap up their time with Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead world (until they decide not too) and also give us an ending to Clementine's story who players grew attached to years ago as a little girl facing the trial and tribulations of growing up fast in the face of the world's end.

Dynasty Warrior 9 Review

I have seen credits roll multiple times in Dynasty Warriors 9 and am nowhere near finishing the Three Kingdoms story, let alone experiencing all the game has to offer. However, despite 30-odd hours with the game, the prospect that there is still so much to see and do excites me.

The Evil Within 2 Review

The Evil Within 2 is a dilemma. It took me until the final third of the game to know if I loved it or loathed it. In this review, I will consistently compare this game to the 2014 original because of how special that experience was and due to the marketed changes in the sequel. If you haven't played the first The Evil Within, I highly recommend you do so before picking up this instalment in the series.

Batman: The Enemy Within - Episode 2 'The Pact' Review (Spoilers)

This review contains full spoilers for The Pact and previous episodes of Telltale's Batman series

As explosions rock Gotham, Batman races to meet a new foe, but encounters a force that may cause even the Dark Knight to fall. In the guise of the billionaire, Bruce meets John Doe's 'friends' and becomes enmeshed in a plot where the only way out is to go deeper in. But at what cost?

Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 2 (PS4)

As the Michonne series comes into it's second of three episodes in the series, it still never forms into a very interesting story. If nothing grabbed you in the first episodes, there isn't much more happening here. You are playing the Michonne series, for Michonne herself and the story is a sub-par guiding narrative for the character moments.

Firewatch (PS4)

I sat down to play Firewatch with the intention of plaything for roughly an hour -- I played all the way through it. Every time I thought about getting off, something would happen, or I'd see something and I'd want to see what happens next. Like binge watching on Netflix -- Yes, I am still here -- I just kept clicking continue. I was enjoying it that much.