All in 6/10

Days Gone Review

Your first six-to-eight hours with Days Gone will be your worst. It’s a slow drag of ploddingly introduced mechanics, weapons and characters that eventually does open up to a much more varied and exciting experience.

Evasion Review

Evasion is designed for co-op play and fun afternoons blasting aliens in the face with a friend while listening to a heavy metal soundtrack and dropping smack talk on your fictional foes. Unfortunately, if you can’t find someone to play with, it’s a rather repetitive shooting gallery that has you wishing you knew someone to jump online with you.

STONE Review

Stone, a koala, awakes with no recollection of his night prior, his keys are in the sink and his head hurts, but most importantly he has woken to a mysterious call telling him his life will never be the same -- his chookie and partner, Alex has been kidnapped.

Destination Primus Vita Episode One: Austin Review

2353, Earth: aliens dubbed ‘Shatters’ have invaded. These huge golem size creatures are made up of several different body parts that somehow float together; they don’t destroy humanity or choose to rule over the human race though, instead choosing to steal all Earth’s water and leave, returning to their own planet, Primus Vita.

Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 2 (PS4)

As the Michonne series comes into it's second of three episodes in the series, it still never forms into a very interesting story. If nothing grabbed you in the first episodes, there isn't much more happening here. You are playing the Michonne series, for Michonne herself and the story is a sub-par guiding narrative for the character moments.