The Explosion Network is a collective of mates from around Australia and New Zealand, leading a network of engaging, conversational and entertaining content.

The Network’s weekly lineup of online content includes:

  • Platinum Explosion -- Australasia’s premiere  PlayStation discussion, with a focus on the Oceanic market

  • Pleasure Explosion -- a free-flowing conversational podcast, often comedic but occasionally exploring mature subjects

  • Grandstand Gurus -- a podcast covering current issues in sports, both Australian and international, from the fan’s perspective

  • Twitch streams

  • Let’s Plays, television/film reviews, reaction and reviews

As active influencers in numerous online communities, the Explosion Network crew aims to bring positive, informative and entertaining voices to multiple platforms, including YouTube, Twitch and podcast services.

Working closely with game developers, the Network’s goal for 2017 is to extend its content to include even more “Let’s Plays”, reviews and game discussions on the latest titles and talking points in the industry.

Network Trailer

The Crew

(L-R, top to bottom) The Explosion Network crew consists of Ashley (Brisbane), Ciaran (Bendigo), Dylan (Launceston), Jack (Melbourne), Jono (Geelong), Nick (Maitland) and Tom (Wellington, NZ) -- seven  unique personalities with a shared love for video games and pop culture.