The Explosion Network is a collective of mates from around Australia, leading a network of engaging, conversational and entertaining content.

As active influencer's in numerous online communities, the Explosion Network crew aims to bring positive, informative and entertaining voices to multiple platforms, be that our website, social media, Twitch streams or podcast services.

Working closely with game developers and other influencer's, the Network’s goal for 2018 is to extend its content to include even more voices, reviews and discussions on the latest titles and talking points in the industry.

The Network’s current content includes reviews, news, Twitch live shows, podcasts and more at explosionnetwork.com

A sample of our most popular shows are below: 

Platinum Explosion

A weekly PlayStation podcast focusing on the oceanic perspective on the latest news. Every episode is guaranteed laughs and antics and bound to go off-topic before wrapping up in the latest PS trophy talk in #everytrophycounts

Early Late Nights with Ciaran Marchant

Welcome to Early Late Nights, the show that is late enough to get you into that juicy news, but early enough you don’t have to stay up on a school night. Join Ciaran Marchant as he dives into the latest games news, eSports stories and shenanigans galore live every Tuesday and Friday at 6:30PM AST at http://twitch.tv/explosionnetwork

What Do You Wanna Watch?

The Explosion Network's premier media podcast. Join Ashley Hobley and the crew every fortnight to discuss all the current news in TV, film and online media and be part of the discussion in ‘What’d We End Up Watching?’

Top 5 with Nick

Join Nicholas Prior and two guests as they list off and explain their top 5 — from guns in video games to peripherals and much more. For fans of Buzzfeed, Watchmojo and #NicksMiniReview.

Alderaan Explosion

Alderaan Explosion: Building up hype leading into the latest Star Wars film -- a serial podcast from explosionnetwork.com.
Join in as we countdown to the latest film in the greatest franchise of all time, Star Wars. We'll be watching Star Wars material, reading books and comics and breaking down theories and trailers before heading into the cinema to see the
newest from a galaxy far, far away.

The Tales of Theldan -- A Dungeons and Dragons Adventure

Trouble is brewing in the land of Theldan and for three unlikely heroes, it'll soon be up to them to save it. Lief, Charlidros and Cornelius are strangers on different paths in life, but find themselves in the centre of a bubbling war between religious hierarchy and banned magic. Witches, Hunters, Paladins and Gods await them on their journey to retrieve the ancient Loremaester's staff, but hopefully, it can return peace to the land.


The Explosion Network is live on Twitch at http://www.twitch.tv/explosionnetwork five days a
week with variety gaming from different members of the network. Other content streamed live
are Review Discussions, and breakdowns of TV shows in our programs like South of Kings
Landing and Viewing Gods. Explosion Network Reacts is our live thoughts on the latest
video game, TV and movie trailers.

The Crew

(L-R, top to bottom) The Explosion Network crew consists of Dylan Blight (Content Manager), Ashley Hobley (Social Media Manager), Ciaran Marchant (Twitch Content Manager) and Nicholas Prior (Co-Founder/Host) -- five unique personalities with a shared love for video games and pop culture.