All in 10/10

Blade Runner 2049 Review

My head was swirling as I left the cinema having just watched Blade Runner 2049. I sat in my car for 10 minutes just to process the film I had just watched -- pondering its beauty, its brutality and working my mind through the many questions it had left me. This is the sign of an amazing film -- an amazing piece of art -- that has your body overcome with a euphoria like I had, left wanting to dissect its pieces, for all the right reasons.

Dunkirk Review

Dunkirk is unlike any war movie I have ever seen. It's nearly a silent film and features one of the most honest takes on war I have watched on-screen. There is no fluff in Christopher Nolan’s latest masterpiece - it feels genuine, respectful and brutal, without using realistic violence and blood to emphasise the direness of war, and particularly this moment in time at Dunkirk.

La La Land

You walk into La La Land knowing it’s a musical and having preconceived notions of what that means for this love story. The curtains open and suddenly everyone on a stalled highway is out of their cars; singing and dancing around one another. The pale gray and boring tone of the stage for this opening number doesn’t matter; everyone is wearing bright t-shirts and throwing themselves around like fireworks. Then the music ends, everyone gets back into their cars and the camera that hasn’t stopped moving yet, it slowly moves down to reveal our main characters sitting in their cars. You may think you are witnessing a broadway play or a recording of one, but this is La La Land.