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The Farewell Review

From a young age, most of us have it drilled into us that lying is wrong. We should never deceive others and would always tell the truth. Hell, “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour” or thou shalt not lie is one of the ten commandments. So, it is interesting that one of the best films of the year explores the morality of a lie and how to cope with sustaining a “good lie”.

Booksmart Review

Booksmart is a film that we at the Explosion Network had an eye on since its South by Southwest premiere and subsequent trailer was released. The critical acclaim it received after its theatrical release in the US back in May was hard to ignore and made its eventual release in Australia a highly anticipated event. I’m pleased to report that it lives up to the hype and is definitely one of the best films of the year so far.

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part Review

Nobody was expecting great things from The Lego Movie when it was greenlit back in 2011 but when it was released in 2014, it shocked the world with its smarts, humour, heart and beautiful animation. Five years later and we now have a sequel that is just as clever, funny, stunning to look and emotional but it is missing the surprise and the freshness of the original which isn’t helped by being the fourth film in the Lego Movie franchise (following 2017’s The Lego Batman Movie and The Lego Ninjago Movie).

Anna and the Apocalypse Review

Anna and the Apocalypse calls itself a “Christmas Zombie Musical”, a combination I didn’t know I wanted until I did a Reacts video for the trailer with Dylan. While its pitch might get people people to watch it, the film is good enough to make sure people won’t think of it as just a gimmick movie.

La La Land

You walk into La La Land knowing it’s a musical and having preconceived notions of what that means for this love story. The curtains open and suddenly everyone on a stalled highway is out of their cars; singing and dancing around one another. The pale gray and boring tone of the stage for this opening number doesn’t matter; everyone is wearing bright t-shirts and throwing themselves around like fireworks. Then the music ends, everyone gets back into their cars and the camera that hasn’t stopped moving yet, it slowly moves down to reveal our main characters sitting in their cars. You may think you are witnessing a broadway play or a recording of one, but this is La La Land.