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AUD Pricing For Elite Controller 2 Isn't Cheap

Xbox launched the original 'Elite Controller' in 2015 to nothing but a loud positive response from consumers looking for higher quality, customizable controller. Then, this year, during Xbox's E3 2019 Conference they announced a second generation of the controller would be arriving later this year and we finally have more details, including the AUD pricing.

What Orion was all about in Bethesda’s Conference

Bethesda chose to promote an interesting piece of technology during their E3 Conference today that id Software has been developing called Orion.

Orion is a technology that will be able to be integrated into nearly any game and game engine that promises to reduce latency and use less bandwidth when streaming those games. And not streaming as in Twitch live streaming as I — and please let me assume many other — thought originally as the technology was first being touted. It’s for streaming on services like ProjectXCloud from Microsoft or Google Stadia.