All in 2019

Episode 104 - RIP Driveclub

Sony has announced that the online servers for the Driveclub, Driveclub Bikes and Driveclub VR will be closing in 2020. It's a week of closure talking as Dylan and Ashley discuss the Driveclub news as well as Drawn to Death and Starblood Arena.

Episode 98 - Wedding Days Gone By

Sony Bend released a new trailer for Days Gone with a wedding theme. Ashley and Ciaran give their thoughts and question if it will shift people’s interest in the next Sony exclusive.

Also on the show:

  • Changes at the top of SIE

  • Why Sony won’t be at E3

  • Sony’s continuing Crossplay problems

Episode 95 - Do You Want Uncharted 6?

With Sony putting together a brand new studio with great talent right in front of our eyes, it's hard to not put the piece together and wonder: is that for Uncharted 6? Dylan and Ashley discuss the potential of another Uncharted game and who and what they'd like it to be about.