Concrete Genie Gets Solid Release Date - Episode 122

Concrete Genie Gets Solid Release Date - Episode 122

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Concrete Genie, the upcoming PlayStation exclusive, has finally received a release date! Joel Gralton from Ani-Game managed to get a chance to preview the game (read that here), so Dylan invited him on the show to answer some questions about the game.

Also on the show:

  • New F.I.S.T Trailer From ChinaJoy

  • Genshin Impact Outrage Is Amazing


  • August PS Plus Games

Dylan Blight:
Ashley Hobley:

Joel Gralton:
Check out Joel’s work over at: (


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Art by: Cherie Henriques

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Episode Timecodes

00:10 - Hello
00:55 - House Keeping
02:50 - Trophy Cabinet
03:35 - August PlayStation Plus Game
07:05 - Concrete Genie Preview, with Joel Gralton From Ani-Game
29:00 - ChinaJoy 2019 Brings New Trailers & Games
30:30 - Monkey King: Hero Is Back
31:50 - ANNO: Mutationem
33:50 - Undying
35:20 - F.I.S.T
39:05 - Genshin Impact
45:10 - Evotinction
46:10 - Biped
47:40 - Romance of The Three Kingdoms
48:25 - In Nightmare
49:30 - A.I Limit
50:45 - Convallaria
52:20 - Ash Gets Fit On BoxVR
55:25 - Ash's Impressions of Blood & Truth
57:15 - More Spider-Man: Homecoming VR Experience Thoughts
58:50 - No Man's Sky Beyond Gets Release Date
01:00:15 - Wrap-Up
01:02:00 - Ad Read
01:02:30 - The Bit

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