Episode 90 - Ash Has PSVR

Episode 90 - Ash Has PSVR

Episode 90 - Ash Has PSVR.png

Episode 90 - Ash Has PSVR

Platinum Explosion: The PlayStation Podcast
A weekly PlayStation podcast focusing on the oceanic perspective on the latest news. 
Every episode is guaranteed laughs and antics and bound to go off-topic before wrapping up in the latest PS trophy talk in #everytrophycounts

00:15 - Ash Has PSVR, Let's Dissect
00:45 - Overall Thoughts On Unit
03:05 - Games Played: PSVR World, Batman Arkham VR, Beat Saber
16:55 - What Video Stuff Has He Tried Out?
21:10 - Is Ash Now A PSVR Fan?
23:20 - Persona Endless Night Collection Review
36:57 - PlayStation Did Well At The Game Awards
40:27 - CTR: Nitro Fuelled Announced By Crash Himself
47:52 - KH3 Trailer/Music Video Released
-- #everytrophycounts --
52:10 - Persona Dancing Games Trophy Tips & Impressions
53:06 - At Sundown Trophies Look Simple But Possibly Hard
55:28 - Borderlands 2 VR Trophies Are Kinda Copy/Paste
57:08 - Wrap-Up
58:25 - Ad Read

Ash's PSVR unit has arrived and so Dylan gets to work on asking him everything about his experience so far; everything from his thoughts on the unit itself, to the games he's been playing is covered.

Also on the show:

  • Persona Dancing Collection Review

  • Crash Team Racing Remake Announced

  • PlayStation Wins Big At The Game Awards

  • Kingdom Hearts 3 Music

Every Trophy Counts

Guides & Tips:

  • Persona Dancing Collection

Popped Lists:

Dylan Blight: https://twitter.com/vivaladil
Ashley Hobley: https://twitter.com/ashleyhobley

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