Episode 91 - #MyPS4Life

Episode 91 - #MyPS4Life

Episode 91 - #MyPS4Life.png

Episode 91 - #MyPS4Life

Platinum Explosion: The PlayStation Podcast
A weekly PlayStation podcast focusing on the oceanic perspective on the latest news. 
Every episode is guaranteed laughs and antics and bound to go off-topic before wrapping up in the latest PS trophy talk in #everytrophycounts

00:24 - What The Hell Are We Doing At 100?
01:45 - PSVR Show Announced From PlayStation
04:30 - Our PSVR Coverage In 2019
08:42 - Spider-Man DLC Chapter 3 Trailer
12:25 - Dreams Beta Still Coming In 2018
18:35 - Kingdom Hearts 3 Has Leaked
30:00 - Our #MyPS4Life Stats
40:15 - Why Can't We See How Long We've Played A Game On Our Console?
43:25 - Does This Campaign Smell Like PS5 In 2019?
44:30 - Sony Inadvertently Released The Number Of Players For All Games
53:50 - Dylan Approaches His Goal
01:01:40 - Wrap-Up
01:03:25 - Ad-Read

PlayStation has released a short video detailing your most played games on PS4 and your trophy stats under the #MyPS4Life hashtag. Dylan and Ashley go over each of their stats — discovering some interesting tidbits — before diving into the fact that Sony has access to this data, and why don't we?

Also on the show:


Dylan Approaches His Goal With The Help Of:

  • Persona 5: Dancing In Starlight

  • Persona 3: Dancing In Moonlight

  • SquareBoy vs Bullies

  • InkSplosion

  • Nubla

  • Hex Tunnel Touch

  • Devious Dungeon

Popped Trophies:

Dylan Blight: https://twitter.com/vivaladil
Ashley Hobley: https://twitter.com/ashleyhobley

Dylan Blight

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