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Episode 91 - #MyPS4Life

PlayStation has released a short video detailing your most played games on PS4 and your trophy stats under the #MyPS4Life hashtag. Dylan and Ashley go over each of their stats — discovering some interesting tidbits — before diving into the fact that Sony has access to this data, and why don't we?

Episode 89 - Play. Plat. Missed It. Repeat

Dylan and Ash dig through their PSN trophy lists to talk about everything they've played this year and try and sort some games on to potential lists. One for games you'd like to go back and finish or play more of, games you'd like to go back and Platinum, and games you'd like to go back and wrap-up the 100% on.

Episode 88 - Beat Saber Is Great

Beat Saber has released for PSVR and Dylan is finally able to play it after months of build-up and luckily, it's as great as he thought. He discussed the games modes, tracks and potential for DLC songs and modes with Ashley while breaking down if he's horrible at the game or not.

Episode 55 - #VitaIsland Lives

#VitaIsland is still standing! 

Dylan and Tom go over two brand new PS Vita titles. Ranbite’s Reverie has Tom explaining the New Zealand humour and references in the Zelda inspired adventure game. Then, Dylan explains why he had so much hope for Behind the Stones Sir Eats A Lot, but was left majorly frustrated and disappointed.