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Episode 92 - [LIVE] On Christmas Day

What gifts await Dylan and Ash under the Christmas Tree from Santa? Well before they open them, how about going over the 5 most wanted PlayStation gifts they'd want to receive and rounding out the end of the year with a few final bits of news including PS5 rumours & the Dreams Beta arriving.

Episode 91 - #MyPS4Life

PlayStation has released a short video detailing your most played games on PS4 and your trophy stats under the #MyPS4Life hashtag. Dylan and Ashley go over each of their stats — discovering some interesting tidbits — before diving into the fact that Sony has access to this data, and why don't we?

Episode 81 - Dreams Could Be A Gamechanger

Game Informer is running a lot of coverage on Dreams, and it's getting Dylan very excited about the game. Going over some of the details we know now, including PSVR compatibility and what games you'll be able to make inside Dreams, Dylan & Ash talk about Media Molecules upcoming ambitious project.