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Episode 88 - Beat Saber Is Great

Beat Saber has released for PSVR and Dylan is finally able to play it after months of build-up and luckily, it's as great as he thought. He discussed the games modes, tracks and potential for DLC songs and modes with Ashley while breaking down if he's horrible at the game or not.

Episode 81 - Dreams Could Be A Gamechanger

Game Informer is running a lot of coverage on Dreams, and it's getting Dylan very excited about the game. Going over some of the details we know now, including PSVR compatibility and what games you'll be able to make inside Dreams, Dylan & Ash talk about Media Molecules upcoming ambitious project.

Episode 57 - Kratos is Interesting

God of War is pretty much all anyone would want to talk about this week, so Dylan and Ash do indeed talk about it, but fret not! There are no spoilers in here as they primarily discuss why this God of War game has grabbed them where the previous entries had not.