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Episode 95 - Do You Want Uncharted 6?

With Sony putting together a brand new studio with great talent right in front of our eyes, it's hard to not put the piece together and wonder: is that for Uncharted 6? Dylan and Ashley discuss the potential of another Uncharted game and who and what they'd like it to be about.

Episode 93 - The Great Trophy War PPV

The challenge was set and the trophy war began in January of 2017. Dylan & Ciaran both aiming to smash their targets each... and well, I mean we all know Ciaran didn't do well. Dylan, however, has reached his goal and talks through the Platinums that lead him to his goal of 169 (nice) Platinum in 2018.

Episode 91 - #MyPS4Life

PlayStation has released a short video detailing your most played games on PS4 and your trophy stats under the #MyPS4Life hashtag. Dylan and Ashley go over each of their stats — discovering some interesting tidbits — before diving into the fact that Sony has access to this data, and why don't we?