The Secrets of Heartman - Episode 120

The Secrets of Heartman - Episode 120

Episode 120 - The Secrets of Heartman.png

Hideo Kojima has let loose at San Diego Comic-Con and gave us ALL the details on the Heartman character! I kid, of course, he gave a very weird piece of information, but it makes for an inspired #challenge that we'll be doing in the coming week(s).

(Also Ash’s audio is off for the first 10-15 mins. Our apologies)

Also on the show:

  • PlayStation Jobs In South Australia

  • Tetris Effect Leaves PS Exclusivity

  • Iron Man VR Gameplay

  • Tarzan VR Announced

Trophy Lists:

Dylan Blight:
Ashley Hobley:


’Marvel’s Spider-Man Tops Batman: Arkham City As Best Selling Superhero Game Ever According To NPD’
’Death Stranding: Kojima Explains Nicolas Winding Refn’s Heartman Character’
’Sony Opens Adelaide Office, Creates 32 Jobs’
Laced Records
’Bloodborne (Deluxe Double Vinyl)’
PlayStation Blog
’Death Stranding: Hideo Kojima Reveals Cover Art & More At SDCC’
Push Square
’Oculus Wants To Trade With Sony For PSVR Exclusives’
’Sony San Diego Has A Brand New Office And Logo’
The Sixth Axis
’Tetris Effect Is Coming To PC and PC VR Via The Epic Games Store’
VR Scout
’Episodic Tarzan VR Experience Announced At San Diego Comic-Con’
’Wargroove PS4 Launches July 23rd’
’Marvel’s Iron Man VR - Behind The Scenes: Learning To Fly’

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Dylan Blight
Art by: Cherie Henriques

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Episode Timecodes

00:10 - Hello
00:38 - Trophy Cabinent
01:40 - Wargroove Out This Week
06:10 - Sexy Bloodborne Vinyl
09:10 - Sony Opens PlayStation Office In SA
14:50 - Sony San Diego Gets New Logo
19:50 - Tetris Effect Comes To PC
25:45 - Marvel's Spider-Man Is The Best Selling Superhero Game
31:20 - Heartman From Death Stranding Explained
39:00 - Box Art For Death Stranding Revealed Also
41:10 - Oculus Wants To Trade VR Games
47:40 - Iron Man VR Gameplay Shown At SDCC
52:45 - Tarzan VR Announced At SDCC
59:50 - Sea of Solitude Trophy Tips
01:01:00 - Etherborn Trophy List
01:01:20 - Mochi Mochi Boy Trophy List
01:02:10 - Wrap-Up
01:03:08 - Ad Read
01:03:40 - The Bit

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