First Look at "Aladdin" & "Rocketman" + More (Trailer Round Up)

First Look at "Aladdin" & "Rocketman" + More (Trailer Round Up)


Ashley gives his thoughts on some of the latest trailers. Let us know your ratings or any other trailers we need to see in the comments below or on Twitter


A live-action retelling of the 1992 Disney film of the same name.

Meh. To be fair, this is only a teaser but come on. Give us something to get excited about. This is nothing but wide shots of the Agrabah desert. We see a bit of Iago (who looks very CGI), a little bit of the Cave of Wonders and a brief look at our live action Aladdin. I’m honestly surprised they didn’t show Will Smith’s Genie, although that might be a shrewd move as his interpretation of the beloved character, that I and many of my age instantly associate with Robin Williams, will make or break people’s desire to see this. Maybe waiting to give people a fair look is a smart decision but this didn’t really move my interest.

Rating: 👍👎

Aladdin is scheduled to release in cinemas 24 May 2019


The story of Elton John's life, from his years as a prodigy at the Royal Academy of Music through his influential and enduring musical partnership with Bernie Taupin.

This looks pretty cool. I was expecting a pretty standard Bio-pic in the vein of the upcoming Bohemian Rhapsody, but this seems to be more of a musical or at least something different like the Bob Dylan film I’m Not There. I like Taron Egerton and am not such a huge Elton John fan that the fact Taron sounds different to him will put me off. Keen to see more of this, especially if the talk of it being more of a fantasy film is true

Rating: 👍👍

Rocketman is scheduled to release in cinemas May 2019


A progressive graduate student finds success and sparks outrage when his interest in battle rap as a thesis subject becomes a competitive obsession.

This film has been on my radar for a while. It premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in 2017 and was soon picked up by YouTube for YouTube Red. But it still hasn’t been released. It is set for a cinema release in November in the States but when it will be on the now renamed YouTube Premium? Nobody knows. The trailer is alright. I don’t feel like any jokes or disses hit me too hard but hopefully they’re holding the best stuff back or it works better in context.

Rating: 👍👎

Bodied releases on YouTube Premium soon?


Louis Creed, his wife Rachel and their two children Gage and Ellie move to a rural home where they are welcomed and enlightened about the eerie 'Pet Sematary' located near their home. After the tragedy of their cat being killed by a truck, Louis resorts to burying it in the mysterious pet cemetery, which is definitely not as it seems, as it proves to the Creeds that sometimes, dead is better.

This looks creepy as. The kids with the animals masks. The drumming. Yep, definitely not seeing this. But I can appreciate that it’s a pretty great trailer. Shame Dylan and I didn’t record this for a Reacts video, I definitely jumped a bit at when the truck drove past at the start.

Rating: 👍👍

Pet Sematary releases in cinemas 4 April 2019


Ito (Joe Taslim), a gangland enforcer, is caught amidst a treacherous and violent insurrection within his Triad crime family upon his return home from a stint abroad.

This looks as close to a Raid 3 as we are going to get. I had to double check becuase I could have sworn that shot of bodies all defeated on the ground was taken straight out of The Raid 2: Berandal. I couldn’t really gauge the plot but the action looks pretty good and, as I’m sure Dylan can attest, Iko Uwais is a hell of a martial arts performer.

Rating: 👍👍

The Night Comes For Us is on Netflix now!


A comedic look at the relationship between a wealthy man with quadriplegia and an unemployed man with a criminal record who's hired to help him.

Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston is not a combination that I thought I wanted to see but here we are. An adaptation of the french film The Intouchables, this looks like really good. Kevin Hart appears to show a bit more range and Bryan Cranston is pretty great in everything.

Rating: 👍👍

The Upside is coming to cinemas in 2019


A police detective reconnects with people from an undercover assignment in her distant past in order to make peace.

Woah. Nicole Kidman looks amazing in this. I don’t recall her ever doing a thriller before, or at least not in the role of the protagonist anyway. This has definitely gotten me interested even though there is currently no Australian release date and distributors Annapurna Pictures appear to be having financial problems

Rating: 👍👍

Destroyer does not have an Australian release date yet


Jonathan leaves the office everyday at noon. When he gets home, he goes to sleep. Every morning he wakes up and there is a breakfast prepared for him along with a video telling him about the second part of his day.

The premise of this has me hooked. Actors acting dual roles is always fun and I like Ansel Elgort, especially after Baby Driver.

Rating: 👍👍

Jonathan does not have an Australian release date yet


The story of sister and brother, Kate and Teddy Pierce, whose Christmas Eve plan to catch Santa Claus on camera turns into an unexpected journey that most kids could only dream about.

This looks alright. Casting Kurt Russell as Santa Claus is a bit of genius, the elves look pretty cute and Santa does drive a car off a ramp. But it seems like a generic Christmas movie where a couple of kids help Santa. It’s a tried and true formula of course but nothing in this trailer set this apart from all the others.

Rating: 👍👎

The Christmas Chronicles debuts on Netflix on 22 November 2018

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