Alderaan Explosion was one of our first podcasts and saw us discuss Star Wars in the lead up to The Last Jedi, Solo: A Star Wars Story and The Rise of Skywalker.

First Episode: 27/10/17
Final Episode: 20/12/19

Original show description:
Alderaan Explosion: A Star Wars Podcast – Building up your hyperdrive towards the final instalment of the sequel trilogy of Star Wars films. A serial podcast from Join in as we countdown to the latest film in the greatest franchise of all time, Star Wars. We’ll be watching Star Wars material, reading books and comics and breaking down theories and trailers before heading into the cinema to see the latest from a galaxy far, far away.

The original Explosion Network program that launched this website as ‘Pleasure Explosion’ ran for a total of 69 (nice) episodes.

First Episode: 01/03/17
Final Episode: 21/06/18

Original show description:
Each week, Thomas Marshall gathers several friends together to catch-up and bring you a show that ranges from heartfelt to laugh-out-loud funny. Laugh, cry — maybe learn something — and get to know the Explosion Network crew and friends better in the original Explosion pod — Pleasure Explosion!”

SOKL LOGO 1280.png

Our Game of Thrones aftershow saw us discussing Season 7 & Season 8.

First Episode: 12/07/17
Final Episode: 28/05/19

Original show descripion:
Each week come listen to the predictions, reactions, and breakdowns of each episode of Game of Thrones from the Explosion Network crew.

Tales of Theldan 1280.png

The Tales of Theldan is a show that everyone involved with has much love for. If ever there’s a show to escape its ‘retirement,’ it might be this one. The first season is ten episodes of highly produced Dungeons & Dragons action produced into an ‘audio drama’ final product.

First Episode: 03/03/18
Final Episode: 02/06/18

Original show description: Trouble is brewing in the land of Theldan and for three unlikely heroes, it’ll soon be up to them to save it.

Top 5 S2 12080 Logo.png

Top 5 with Nick ran for two seasons. The first saw Nicholas Prior and various guests discuss their top 5 picks for various subjects in gaming. The second season was used for celebrating the best of 2018 in movies, games, music and tv. The show ran for a total of 2 seasons and 20 episodes.

First Episode: 07/03/2018
Final Episode: 01/01/2019

Original show description:
Join the Explosion Network and guests as they list off and explain their top 5 — from guns in video games to peripherals and much more. For fans of Buzzfeed, Watchmojo and #NicksMiniReview.

Viewing Gods was the Explosion Networks first ever aftershow. It saw Dylan Blight and Nicholas Prior discussing each episode of Starz TVs American Gods series in great detail. Unfortunately, the two agreed the show fell apart in Season 2 and they decided to not move forward with the aftershow. 

First Episode: 05/05/17
Final Episode: 06/05/19

Original show description:
A breakdown of every episode of the Starz television series, American Gods, featuring insightful reviews and theories as to where the show could go in the future. We are the Viewing Gods.  

Early Late Nights 128.png

Ciaran Marchant streamed live to Twitch audiences twice a week with the latest in gaming news, with a particular focus in esports. The show ran for a total of 73 episodes.

First Episode: 06/03/2018
Final Episode:

Original show description:
Join Ciaran Marchant as he dives into the latest esports news, results and shenanigans galore.