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Living With Yourself Season 1 Review

The idea of clones and cloning is one with a number of ethical conundrums. Many films have explored the idea, from fun comedies like Multiplicity, to romantic dramas like Never Let Me Go. Spider-Man, Super-Man, Star Wars and Jurassic World have all had storylines involving the practice. Hell, even we here at the Explosion Network have discussed the topic before. So it shouldn’t be surprising to see a Netflix series explore the concept, even if it is not very interested in it.

The Politician Season 1 Review

The Politician is a story of people with their eyes firmly set on their end goals and the sole ambition to get there. Payton is molding his life in a way to best get him to his goal of being president by doing things like reading past Presidents’ autobiographies to copy their traits and studying Mandarin and working on the literary magazine to best impress on his Harvard College application. The next step on his road to the White House is to become Student Body President of Saint Sebastian High School, but to do that he will have to beat his longtime arch nemesis Astrid Sloan (Lucy Boynton), who is constantly trying to win her father’s approval.

Stranger Things: Season 3 Premiere 'Suzie, Do You Copy?' Review

When it comes to Season Two of Stranger Things, I found it to be very hit or miss. Separating Eleven from the rest of the group for the season grew tedious very fast for me. I missed the dynamic they all had together a lot. Which made just seeing all these characters I love living their lives and being together again in the premiere of Stranger Things 3 such a standout. And most importantly, Eleven and Mike are together, happy, and love is certainly in the air.

Wanye Season 1 Review

Wayne is dark, violent, funny and at times crazy but also delivers sweet and heartfelt moments. There are a ton of creative violent moments that I should of expected from the writers of Deadpool but I found myself constantly surprised. Whether it was someone destroying a guy’s bike with a bat while the guy was locked to a pole with a bike lock around his neck, freeing illegal immigrants from a boss who was taking advantage of them by nail gunning him to his van or seeing a bunch of high school students coming out of their school dance to beat up a middle aged man and his sons set to Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles”, this show constantly made me ask “what I was watching?” but in a good way.