‘Darksiders 3’ Trailer Reunites Three Horseman Of The Apocalypse

by Dylan Blight

THQ Nordic have released from the gates of hell a short trailer for Darksiders 3 amidst Gamescom 2018 this past week.

Admittedly I never finished Darksiders 2, so I am a bit out of the loop for Darksiders lore, but isn’t Darksiders 3 taking place at the same time as Darksiders 2? Which was a prequel? Sarcastic question, of course, I checked this! It is! However, in the latest trailer for Darksiders 3 you can see War, Death and Fury all reunited together. Does this mean the game will at some point surpass the ending of the original Darksiders?   

Find out the answer to that question and more when Darksiders 3 releases for PS4, Xbox One and PC on the 27th of November. 

Check out the trailer below.

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