One of the biggest games in 2023 is undoubtedly Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. And whether you’re looking to find out how Venom gets involved with this sequel and Peter, you’re more excited to play as Miles and continue his adventures, or you’re looking to see if there are enough puddles in this sequel, there are plenty of reasons to be excited about this release.

In the sequel to both Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, developer Insomniac Games returns to continue the adventures of both web-slingers. This time, they’re dealing with both the symbiote, Venom, and the introduction of Lizard and Kraven the Hunter. And Kraven has turned New York City into his personal hunting grounds for super-power beings.

Although most of the Koalaty Critics had nearly nothing negative to say about Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, there were a couple of mentions of bugs and technical issues that may or may now be patched before the public release later this week. Some critics spoke about the lack of interesting side content, while others had no issues with the amount and the type of additional content in the game. Everyone had nothing but praise for the game’s redefined combat and the story, alongside many mentions about how great and fast the fast-travel and new web-suit is for flying around New York City.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be released on Friday, October 20, and available exclusively on PlayStation 5.


Here’s what Australian critics are saying about the game.

Checkpoint Gaming – 9.5/10 (Luke Mitchell)

“Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is an incredibly strong follow-up that really sets the standard when it comes to superhero games. Its story is heartfelt and delivered by a genuinely likable cast of characters, and when it comes to traversal and combat, you won’t find a slicker experience out there.”

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GamesHub – 5/5 (Leah J. Williams)

“Insomniac’s Venom becomes the catalyst for a remarkable escalation in the plot, adding tension to the stakes in ways that feel world-ending, forcing the story through wild, gripping hoops, towards a showdown worthy of any cinematic or comic book epic. The influences on this tale clearly show through – although to dwell too deeply on its excellent inspirations would venture too heavily into spoiler territory.”

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Kotaku AU – Unscored (David Smith)

“Spider-Man 2 isn’t just one of the most visually beautiful games of the year, it’s a ripper superhero yarn as well. It has internalised a lesson with its storytelling that many other AAA games could stand to learn from: a good story must always have something to say.”

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Maxi-Geek – 9.5/10 (Luke Henderson)

“Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is one incredible game, from the opening moments to the tease in the final cutscene, it just kept getting better. The characters, the city and everything in between was worth spending time with, I do just wish there was a little more to do in the city. Technically the game runs fine, but constant pop in in the fidelity mode is concerning, multiple crashes even more so.”

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Player2 – A- (Paul James)

“With all of the pieces assembled, all pulling in different directions, Insomniac has then gone on to assemble a breathtaking narrative that contorts in a range of expected and unexpected ways. Plotlines weave in and out of each other, and nobody is safe, in a plotline that is decidedly darker (and deadlier) than that of the two previous titles.”

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Press Start – 9/10 (Kieron Verbrugge)

“Something I’m also deeply appreciative of is that doubling the play space and number of protagonists hasn’t resulted in an immensely longer game. With so many studios willing to stuff their open worlds with content for the sake of content, a little editing goes a long way and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is actually just about the same length as the first game. My journey to 100% completion and a platinum trophy took around 35 hours if my PlayStation’s timekeeping is to be believed, and aside from the aforementioned hit to the pace towards the end it rarely felt like any of that time was wasted or drawn out.”

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The Games Crater – 9/10 (Tom Wilson)

“But by far the best side missions are those that are exclusive to either Peter or Miles. Each character has a series of specific side quests that only they can complete, giving them an opportunity to shine independently of their fellow Spider-Man. Without spoiling any of them, the two main side quests that each of these characters has are perhaps some of the best stories in the game, a considerable effort, especially when compared to the game’s already superb main questline.”

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WellPlayed – 10/10 (Ash Wayling)

“Insomniac games has long worn its heart on its sleeve when it comes to the passion it has for the Spider-Man universe. What has been delivered here is ultimately an elevation of the formula concocted back on the PlayStation 4 – a blisteringly brilliant piece of interactive media that fires on all cylinders from start to finish, with no compromise or cut corners. It is deeply steeped in a rich attention to detail that can only come from people who truly care about what they are making, resulting in an experience where you are actively sharing the joy and love put into this game.”

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