A Dungeons & Dragons Audio Drama

Trouble is brewing in the land of Theldan and for three unlikely heroes, it'll soon be up to them to save it. Lief, Charlidros and Cornelius are strangers on different paths in life, but find themselves in the centre of a bubbling war between religious hierarchy and banned magic. Witches, Hunters, Paladins and Gods await them on their journey to retrieve the ancient Loremaester's staff, but hopefully, it can return peace to the land.




Lief Estel ORIGIN

Charlidros ORIGIN

Cornelius Bannister ORIGIN

The Tales of Theldan is an Explosion Network production

  • Dylan Blight -- Lief Estel

  • Ashley Hobley -- Cornelius Bannister

  • Thomas Marshall -- Charlidros

  • With Ciaran Marchant as The Dungeon Master

  • Written by: Ciaran Marchant

  • World and Scenario by :Ciaran Marchant

  • Played using 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons

  • Sound Mixing & Post Production by: Dylan Blight

  • Music and Sound Effect Resources: Available Here

  • Art by: Slime Bunny