Swallow Up The ‘Donut County’ Release Date

by Dylan Blight


You’ll be swallowing up all many of things in Donut County as it’s release date has been revealed as a few weeks from now. 

IGN has revealed that Ben Esposito’s Donut County being published by Annapurna Interactive will be releasing on PS4, PC, iOS and Mac on August 28th. You can pre-order it on the PS4 for $19.45 or $15.56 for PS Plus members and for $7.99 on iOS. 

Recently Esposito spoke out about cheap rip-off and clones of the Donut County charting on the app store like which is currently at number on the iOS free games best selling board. Unfortunately, a games idea isn’t protected by any copyright laws and after even working on the game for 5 years nothing can be done about having someone cheaply rip-off the premise and core mechanic.

The biggest difference between Donut Count and other games using its core mechanic is Donut County’s focus on a story, which when you hear may sound odd.

You’ll be playing levels as flashbacks as characters discuss the rampage the hole across America which you’ll have to play through solving puzzles to suck up everything into the ground. 

Check out the new trailer and synopsis for Donut County below: 

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