New Special Research For Celebi Available Tomorrow

by Dylan Blight


If you got done hunting down Mew a long time ago and weren’t in Chicago where Celebi, the time-travelling legendary Pokémon was exclusively available, then starting from tomorrow, August 20th, the mission starts worldwide for Pokémon Go players.

Don’t worry if haven’t completed the Mew quest yet; you’ll be able to simultaneously work on both Mew and Celebi at the same time. As long as you’ve completed the third group of tasks related to the Mew special research, Celebi will also become available for you to multi-special-research. 

The blog post announcing this also notes that “Celebi has drawn out the appearance of more Pokemon originally discovered in the Johto region.” Hopefully alluding to the Unknown Pokémon being more easily discoverable, which would make sense as they were a huge part of the research task in Chicago. Although we don’t know if the mission structure for this worldwide public event will be similar to that event requirement wise.

New Field Research will also be added to the game themed around Johto, along with Style Shop items including a Celebi t-shirt and other clothing items that will unlock as your badges in Johto level up.

Celebi Special Research will be available worldwide on August 20th for all Pokémon Go players. Good luck, trainers.