PAX AUS 2018 ‘NEXT Exhibition’ Is Highlighting Unrepresented Developers 

by Dylan Blight


MCV Pacific has reported the NEXT Exhibit announced earlier this year has successfully received funding and will be featured in the main concourse of PAX AUS 2018.

The exhibition created by Ally McLeanLiam Esler and contributed to by Jay Justice aims to offer PoC, queer, disabled, gender diverse teams and in general, unrepresented developers the opportunity to have their game shown at Australia’s biggest games convention.

Not only offering the premium booth-space at PAX, but the NEXT exhibition will also be handling all furnishing, promotion, staff and press for the developers. Six developers will be picked and have everything handled, making the showcase of their game 100% free for the developers. 

The premium sponsor for the event is Australia Developer Big Ant Studios with additional support coming from another Australian Developer, Defiant Development along with IGEA, Game As You Are and the mentoring program The Working Lunch

It’s a fantastic program and with PAX combining with the E3 Expo this year, the foot-traffic at the event will most likely be the biggest yet and with the NEXT Exhibition featured in the main concourse, it’s a fantastic opportunity for the developers picked. 

You can read more about the NEXT Exhibition at MCV Pacific

Developers looking to apply for the program have until 5 PM July 31 AEST and can apply with this form

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