Epic Games has announced that all Fortnite proceeds from March 20th until April 3rd, 2022, will be donated to humanitarian relief and the people affected by the war in Ukraine. 

This is a fantastic cause and a great reason to pick up that latest battle pass or skin in Fortnite that you may have been holding off on grabbing. Purchases on V-Bucks, Fornite Crew, gifted Battle Passes, cosmetic packs will all count towards helping Ukraine. But what won’t count is any in-game cosmetics from retail stores and V-Bucks cards. 

The announcement from Epic of this news can’t be understated either as Fornite Chapter 3: Season 2 launched overnight at 3 AM and would have been a big-time for Epic to draw in a tone of money, which will now go to a fantastic cause. 

Xbox has also announced that they’re committing their net proceeds for Fortnite during the same period will join the pool of money going towards helping those in need in Ukraine. 

Currently, Epic Games has listed Direct ReliefUnited Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), United Nations World Food Programme (UNWFP) and UNHCR – The UN Refugee Agency as the organizations the money will be going towards, but also noted they will add more to the list in the week ahead. 

Epic Games has also noted that they won’t be waiting until April 3rd or for all the funds to process before they send the money on; instead, they’ll be sending it as soon as and as often as they can throughout the two weeks. 

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