Since All Elite Wrestling exploded onto the scene, changing professional wrestling forever, the pursuit of competition, championship glory and personal grudges has never been hotter, but with AEW’s All Out set for Saturday September 5th, the blood is boiling ever hotter, the pursuit of glory ever more dangerous and the anger between combatants has never been more

This is a FULL SPOILER review of the All Elite Wrestling’s ‘All Out 2020’ pay-per-view.

A big finish it may have had, but AEW’s All Out 2020 show was the companies weakest pay-per-view so far. Not to say it was terrible. In fact, the good matches outweigh the bad. But it was terribly long and will remain in fans memories for the laugh-out-loud botches and minutes spent worrying about Matt Hardy.

The opening cinematic match between Dr Britt Baker and Big Swole was awkward. Unlike previous efforts like the Stadium Stampede, it was missing that X-factor. It was messy, but at least it’s the beginnings of Baker’s return to the ring. 

That match did set the tone. And if Britt holding a drill above Swole was making you uncomfortable, you were in for far more of that.