According to a new report, Sony has partnered with the developers of the Guild Wars series to develop a presumed mobile MMO set in the Horizon series. 

As spotted by VG24/7 and reported by MTN, Sony has recently partnered with NCSoft, the developer behind the Guild Wars series, to develop an MMO. This information comes from people familiar with the matter at both Sony and NCSoft

The project hasn’t begun production yet, but NCSoft is hiring for a “Project H” — the easiest guess being that “H” is Horizon — according to job postings spotted online.

Although there’s no solid indication if this would be a fully-fledged PC/Console MMO, the report states it will be mobile. This would align with recent Sony ideologies and desire to push some of their more prominent IP into the mobile market. They have previously dabbled in small mobile game releases but never published anything that could be considered more than a straightforward tie-in. With the success of games like Genshin Impact on mobile devices, it is easy to understand and see where Sony would want a piece of the cake. 

Horizon is a prime IP for an MMO, and it wouldn’t be surprising if this story pans out to be confirmed down the line. 

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