An Animal Crossing monopoly has been announced today, and it’s rather adorable.

In this version of Monopoly, you collect fish, bugs and fossils like the game series and trade those in for bells to purchase decorations and earn Nook Miles. The player with the most Nook Miles will win the game.

Here are the features and what’s included in the Animal Crossing Monopoly box.

  • MONOPOLY GAME MEETS ANIMAL CROSSING: This twist on classic Monopoly gameplay features artwork, characters, and themes inspired by Nintendo’s Animal Crossing New Horizons

  • FUN GAME FOR KIDS: In this edition of the Monopoly game, kids visit islands, collect resources such as bugs, fish, fossils, and fruit. Then sell island resources for Bells, buy decorations, and earn Nook Miles to win

    MONOPOLY TOKENS: Move around the board as one of 4 Animal Crossing New Horizons inspired tokens. Besides the numbered die, there’s a Nook’s Cranny die that determines what type of resources can be sold

  • SKILL CARDS: After the first trip around the Monopoly gameboard, players can choose a Skill card with an ability they can use throughout the rest of the game

  • FUN BIRTHDAY GIFT FOR KIDS 8 AND UP: The Monopoly Animal Crossing New Horizons Edition board game is a great choice for game night with the family, and it’s a fun thing for kids to do indoors



  • Gameboard

  • 4 Character Tokens

  • 4 Skill Cards

  • 35 Decoration Cards

  • 14 Nook Miles Cards

  • 14 Chance Cards

  • 160 Resource Chips

  • 40 Five-Bell Coins

You can pre-order the Animal Crossing Monopoly here: