Dataminers be damned, there’s nothing like an official confirmation. Especially when you’re silly like me and stay up until 3 AM AEST to see said teaser.

I’m talking about the latest in-game teaser for Apex Legends, which has seemingly confirmed or corroborated a bunch of information already leaked by data miners in the past couple of weeks. Respawns battle royale will be getting a non-battle royale matte. It very much sounds like a Team Death Match with a twist and it’s called ‘The Arena.’

We don’t know too much outside of that and the in-game teaser and name obviously suggest a close-courters fighting style, so it’s not hard to imagine what type of game modes something titled The Arena could be.

Here’s the full teaser I uploaded to my Twitter feed.

Too long didn’t watch? Well, it ends with a big hologram of Ash (from Titanfall 2) inside a dome fighting ground inviting you to test your skills in The Arena. Which is pretty straightforward.

I think we can all expect more information on what exactly The Arena is in the lead up to Apex Legends: Legacy aka Apex Legends: Season 9.

If you’d like to unlock the teaser for yourself you need to find a secret keycard, and then six holo sprays across two maps. The guide I used to do so is HERE.

Are you excited to play in a 3v3 setting? Or do you wish Apex Legends just stayed as a battle royale? Let me know in the comments section below.