10 Year Time Jump In The Last of Us Part II?!

When talking about The Last of Us Part IINaughty Dogs' Neil Druckman has mentioned the scope of the game is huge. Not just as an algorithm for the story, but mentioning the period of the game will take place over. The demo the press got to play last week feature two completely different seasons, for example. But just how big a time gap will the game take place over?

E3 2019 Predictions - Microsoft

Another E3 is upon us which means it is time for the 3rd Annual E3 predictions. On episode 30 of Arcade Couch Dylan, Ashley and Ciaran provided their unique predictions for this year’s E3.

Listed below are their Microsoft E3 predictions, things that they think will happen at Microsoft’s E3 Conference. Let us know who you think is on the money and who is way off in the comments below, or sound off on Twitter.

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