Never Give Up, Scout’s Honor, Boomerang Fu, Party Poppers (Indie Round-Up #1) | PAX AUS 2018 Preview

Never Give Up, Scout’s Honor, Boomerang Fu, Party Poppers (Indie Round-Up #1) | PAX AUS 2018 Preview

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Never Give Up, Scout’s Honor, Boomerang Fu, Party Poppers (Indie Round-Up #1) | PAX AUS 2018 Preview | PAX AUS 2018 Preview

by Dylan Blight

Never Give Up

Never Give Up is the complete opposite of The Adventures Pals, the recently released game from Massive Monster that was also on show at PAX Australia 2018 alongside Never Give Up. While The Adventure Pals is fun, quirky and family friendly, Never Give Up is brutal, diminishing, but still kinda quirky. You can point all blame at the joint development with Armor Games for this I believe.

It’s really hard not to compare Never Give Up to Super Meat Boy and that’s why I gave in and just did it. It’s got the same brutal and fast-paced platforming, but with the charm (um?) of a character that looks like Mr Meeseeks from Rick & Morty constantly telling you to give up.

The demo gave me five minutes to try and beat six stages that built up in difficulty of which I made it the sixth before running out of time. Never Give Up is really hard, but has that same ‘give me another go’ addictive nature to the level design that makes games like Super Meat Boy great.

Keep your eye on Never Give Up which is coming to Steam sometime in the future.

Scouts Honor

Scout’s Honor from INCA Studio is an easy sell: “it’s Overcooked but camping.” Because my response is of course, "I’m in" and I'd say it's the same for anyone else who likes playing Overcooked or is looking for a fun co-operative title.

In premise and direction, I loved Scouts Honor, but I had one main issue. As you begin a level in Scout’s Honor you drop your camping bag at the campsite and its contents fall out around you. This includes items like an axe to chop wood, a pickaxe and a fishing rod, among other things. When four players do this at the same time, stuff just goes everywhere and it’s quite hectic, which to be fair, I’ve heard others including Ash and Cherie from the Explosion Network say they didn’t have a huge problem with. For me, I’d rather the challenge of the game come from coordination of tasks and dodging the dangers the levels like ghosts in the one I played, rather than spinning in circles trying to find what I actually need. I’d love for INCA Studios to implement an inventory for your main items like the axe, rod etc before the game’s release.

It’ll be exciting to see how much Scout’s Honor evolves before release and I’m looking forward to seeing more from what could be the next big co-op title. (Also please-please, have online co-op.)

Boomerang Fu


Boomerang Fu was my favourite local multiplayer game I played at PAX. It has easy to pick-up controls, fast gameplay and a collection cute but violent characters to play as while players attempt to take each other out and the winner is crowned at first to ten kills.

You can play as an assortment of foods including a banana, avocado, watermelon and ice-pole with up to four players attempting to slice each other up through means of a melee or boomerang attack. Taking out another player can lead to some rather funny deaths like the avocados pip falling out in an animation similar to a humans guts falling out.

There is a combination of power ups that appear on the map for players to race to and some maps had ways to manipulate them and potentially take out players by closing gates or traps on top of them.

Boomerang Fu was a lot of fun and I could have easily played a few more rounds, but I decided to step away from the booth a victor and Boomerang Fu champion while I could.

Disappointingly there was no mention of online for the game.

Boomerang Fu will be coming to Steam sometime in the future.

Party Poppers


Joining the list of fun party games from Giant Margarita, that already includes Party Golf and Party Crashers, is Party Poppers, another insanely customizable and fun multiplayer game.

In Party Poppers the goal is to pop balloons, but in what’s becoming developer Giant Margaritas style, that can mean popping many balloons in any order, sequential balloons, first to only one balloon, popping in slow-motion, double speed and I'm sure the list goes on with the games customizable options.

You play as a variety of different coloured dinosaurs who can swing out rope to attach to surfaces allowing them to swing around the level and pop the balloons. The swinging took me a couple rounds to get the hang off but I was soon jumping around the place and attempting to be the pop master; cutest of them all.

Party Poppers is coming to Steam early access very soon.

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Keep your eye on these four games, so of which are coming out in the near future and stay tuned to the Explosion Network for more.

Article by Dylan Blight
Edited by Ashley Hobley

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