Sad news from Australian studio Samurai Punk, as they have announced that they are shutting their doors after being open for “a wild ten years.”

The team’s first major game was Screencheat, which was fairly popular among content creators, and the team also released, The American Dream, a VR game, Roombo: First BloodFeatherTRIOS, and Justice Sucks. Their most recent release was Killbug, a fast-paced FPS where you fight against ravenous waves of bugs. The team also helped out with other games, including the port of Florence and co-developed Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown 2019.

On Twitter, Samurai Punk shared the news of their doors closing, saying:

Samurai Punk started in 2014 during a situation in Australia where jobs were short, and the only route forward for us was to either found a company or move overseas to find work. We banded together with the shared goal of creating exciting and fresh game experiences, and we’re incredibly proud of what we were able to achieve together. Since then, we’ve grown a lot as developers and learnt a lot about what we want as artists making video games.”

Samurai Punk is moving into “support mode” to ensure that there’s support for their existing projects.