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On last weeks episode of Arcade Couch, Ciaran, Ashley and Dylan gave five predictions each for what they think will be revealed at The Game Awards this coming Friday. Those are listed below, but you can listen to the full episode linked at the bottom of this article.


Ciaran – Batman Trailer

“There will be a trailer for The Court of Owls Batman. Rumoured to be called ‘Batman Legacy’. I’m gonna. Um, I’m gonna put the asterisk on this so it’s not just, “there will be a trailer.” It’ll be a Batman, Court of Owls trailer featuring Dick Grayson as Batman.”

Ashley – Crash Bandicoot 64

“I think we’re going to see this new Crash Bandicoot game. It’s going to show up at The Game Awards. The one that was rumoured. That one’s going to be Super Mario 64 but Crash Bandicoot.”

Dylan – Breath of The Wild 2

“I’m going to go with Breath of The Wild 2 or whatever it’s going to end up being called. It gets a teaser trailer of some sort, officially confirming whatever it’s going to be called. So, Breath of The Wild 2, or whatever. Either way that game they showed gets another tease up at this time confirming what the actual name of the game is going to be.”

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Ciaran – Gods & Monsters

“We will get a trailer for Ubisoft’s ‘Gods and Monsters.'”

Ashley – Elden Ring

“We are going to get a better look at ‘Elden Ring’. The game that George R.R Martin and the guy from Dark Souls are working on.”

Dylan – Ghosts of Tsushima

“‘Ghosts of Tsushima’ gets a trailer at The Game Awards. I had this down but I was only gonna chuck it into the – I don’t know about this category – simply because Sony usually isn’t very much at The Game Awards. Like Nintendo is heavily there, Xbox is like, semi there. But in order, it’s like: Xbox, Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation.But then at the same time, it’s like, well, they’re not doing PlayStation Experience this year.”

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Ciara – Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Remasters

“We will get announced remasters of Tony Hawk Pro Skater one, two and three. I’m going on re-masters. I think we’re currently in the period of remasters. I’ve seen a lot of stuff recently about Tony Hawk talking about the original games and different articles and interviews and I don’t know if that is something that is set up or if that is just random people are always asking him about those. But yeah, I think it would be easy money right now just to put those remasters out.”

Ashley – Metroid Prime Trilogy for Switch

“The Metroid Prime Trilogy comes to Switch. I always feel like that’s a safe-ish prediction. Any time there’s a thing that needs to be predicted.”

Dylan – Bayonetta 3 Trailer

“I’ll stick to the Nintendo theme I think. Bayonetta 3 trailer with no release date.”



Ciaran – Google Stadia is Heavy

“Google Stadia will be heavily featured throughout The Game Awards with a lot of either, you know, cards at the end of trailers being like ‘available on Stadia.'”

Ashley – A New Banjo

“There has been a lot of rumours that there’s going to be an Xbox Studios game… I’m going to say Banjo & Kazooie. New game.”

Dylan – A New Challenger: Crash

“If they’re gonna announce that Crash Bandicoot is getting a new game here, then what else is going to come up here is: “a new challenger approaches!” Crash Bandicoot spins his way into ‘Super Smash Bros Ultimate’.”

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Ciaran – Dragon Age 4

“Uh, okay. Let’s go from my like, hope. This is what I’d love to see. A trailer for Dragon Age 4. I think they’ll do it. I think they need to after Anthem.”

Ashley – Mass Effect Trilogy

“I’m going to counteract Ciaran’s: I don’t think BioWare is going to try and get goodwill with Dragon Age 4. I think they’re gonna get goodwill with a Mass Effect trilogy for current consoles.”

Dylan – Outlast 3

Alright, my last one then. Outlast Three gets revealed. I wrote up a story for Explosion Network about this around Halloween time, Red Barrels, the developer of the Outlast games tweeted out a picture teasing the new game and it said reveal will be coming soon and that was at Halloween.

Yep, they announced a new Outlast game the day after we recorded… - Dylan

Yep, they announced a new Outlast game the day after we recorded… – Dylan

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