Chrissys Court Review Thumbnail.png

Synopsis: Real people. Real cases. And real, legally binding decisions. If you thought Chrissy Teigen couldn’t become an actual courtroom judge, you’ve been overruled.

Cast: Chrissy Teigen, Vilailuck “Pepper Thai” Teigen, Pete Sepenuk

Format: New episodes every weekday. (Review based on the first 8 episodes.)

I enjoy Chrissy Tegan’s antics on Twitter. She’s witty and can be rather hilarious. So the idea of a show where Chrissy deals with peoples petty issues in court – it sounds good. However, a lot is holding this show back from being something worth your time.

Chrissy’s Court opens with a very Judge Judy inspired introduction that tells you the cases, people and court are real, no matter how unqualified the judge is. The put down for how qualified Chrissy may-or-may-not be at the start of every episode can be dragging, so I’ve begun skipping past it already. It’s like opening Dr Phil with a similar introduction because he’s about as qualified as she is for his reality shows at the moment. 

The courtroom is a family affair with Chrissy’s mother, Vilailuck Teigen playing the bailiff and husband John Legend making several appearances so far. John’s appearance in the first episode is a bit corny, and I think we could have at least waited until episode two to pull him out of the hat but I enjoy the family dynamic. Chrissy’s Mum is great however and her constant struggle with saying “please rise for the honourable judge, Chrissy Teigan” is becoming a funny gag. Plus you can tell she’s having a lot of fun doing the show as well. 

Each episode consists of just one case and they’ve primarily been young people asking for small amounts of money so far. These cases are all also very cut and dry. A woman asking for her ex-boyfriend asking for pay her back for a co-signed loan when he’s spending his only money on a toy car, for example, is easy to see where it’s going to go. But the episodes shine most when the focus is on Chrissy and her Mother having fun. In that previous example, for instance, there was a lot of banter between mother/daughter with Chrissy commenting on her mothers’ noisy shoes and wanting to test drive the toy car the defendant was spending all his money on. Times like these the show is great as its focused on Chrissy