Skylight is participating in Click Frenzy, which is starting tomorrow, with a 25% discount on their Digital Photo Frames.

With a lot of different digital photo frames on the market, the selling point for Skylights is the ease of use, which requires neither an app nor a subscription. 

Having a quick look at their website, the set-up does sound easy enough I may be able to explain to my grandparents how to use it.

Here are some details on the Skylight frames:

  • Effortless Image Upload – Easy to use, users can send images via email or a dedicated and intuitive app. 
  • Instant Images – Preload your favourite photos without ever unboxing Skylight. When the recipient plugs in, they will immediately enjoy the images. 
  • Wireless Convenience – It can store up to 8,000 images offline (although Wi-Fi is required to upload images). 
  • Customisable Experience – Zoom, crop, curate albums, and adjust slideshow preferences from speed to sequence. 
  • Versatile Display Options – Users can place it on a stand or hang it on the wall – the images auto-rotate to match the position.
  • Enhanced Visuals – The new 15-inch frame has a higher resolution of 1920×1080, making the images appear even sharper. 
  • Beyond Photo Display – Play videos, create montages, summarise monthly memories, and allow interactivity via messages. 

If you’re interested (and why not? Christmas is coming up), you can grab them with the discount — 25% off on both frames – the 10-inch frame ($62.42 off) and the 15-inch frame ($100 off). Simply head to the Skylight website and use the code “FRENZY” between October 22-30th.