Studio MDHR gave an update on the upcoming Cuphead DLC, the Netflix series and announced the game is coming to a brand new platform during a Summer Games Fest stream this morning hosted by Geoff Keighley.

‘The Delicious Last Course’ is still being worked on although Marija Moldenhauer from Studio MDHR said that they may have announced the game a little too early. Giving the idea that it’s further away than fans may have liked.


Moldenhauer then talked about the upcoming Netflix series noting how weird it is to see Cuphead and Mugman speaking in the series. When they designed the character they never envisioned them speaking, so it’s quite weird for the whole team.

New characters are being added to the universe for the Netflix series and Moldenhauer also talked about the humour of the series and how she’s been testing episodes on her kids.

And then, of course, the reveal that the game is out on PlayStation 4 was announced. It had been leaked on the PS Store earlier Tuesday so it wasn’t a shocking moment, but it’s still a great addition to the Sony console.

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